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Founded by a now-vascular surgeon and his business partner in 2006, we were the first company to specialize in highly customized one-on-one (1:1) online tutoring for the USMLE and COMLEX. Since our inception, our services have expanded to top-notch tutoring for the MCAT, Pre-Med & Medical Coursework, Shelf Exams, Med School Admissions & Residency Consulting, and Certification Boards as well.

At the core of Med School Tutors, you will find academic excellence coupled with the best of medicine and business: the power of partnership, of genuine human connection and support; the drive to learn, to achieve and excel; and most importantly, the power of synergy and growth that elevates both parties in 1:1 relationships.

The leadership at MST is comprised of our most experienced medical tutors and business people, many of whom have been with Med School Tutors for more than 5 years! Our leadership teams include our Tutor Development Team, Student Relations Team, Resource Review Committee and more. (See our website for more info!)

Whether you are in pursuit of the most competitive residency slots, or you're retaking an exam, we have the tools to plot the path to your best results! Let's do this.


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